Welcome to Vivid Tables! 

Over the past few years, we have operated two websites to serve our customers: Impressive Exhibits and Vivid Tables. During that time we have enjoyed working with you on your event and promotional needs. To better assist our customers we have always added new products to both sites and as time progressed the two catalogs have slowly started to overlap. In order to simplify operations so that we can better serve our clients we have chosen to join the two sites together. Welcome to the new and improved Impressive Exhibits and Vivid Tables website!

What has changed?

Not much! You will still enjoy being assisted by the same great team that were supporting both sites. Vivid Tables has imported in all products from Impressive Exhibits and are now easier to order than ever using our more modern ecommerce tools that we have implemented at Vivid Tables. Your user accounts have also been migrated, but due to safety reasons we are never able to see your password and as such were not able to bring those over. If you are used to purchasing at Impressive Exhibits, simply use the reset password tool to get back in to your account.

For a period of time, we will continue to forward emails and phone calls from Impressive Exhibits, but to ensure fast customer service, you may want to just note our Vivid Tables contact info.